Working papers 

We are your pack: Feminist Social Movements on Countering Violence against Women. Draft available upon request.

De-Commemoration Policies on Public Opinion Formation (with Sergi Martínez and Ana Ruipérez-Núñez). Pre-analysis-plan available at and draft available upon request.

Work in Progress

Studying public opinion towards feminism: emotional and symbolic meaning of feminism in the 21st century (with Marta Fraile and Paula Zuluaga). Pre-analysis-plan available at OSF.

We March, She Runs: Feminists Movements and Women’s Political Representation (with Alba Huidobro)

The Intrusion of Value Change: Mass Media and Feminist Attitudes in Argentina (with Elias Dinas)

Women’s Activism and Gender Norms in New Democracies (with Vicente Valentim)


8M: ¿De tsunami a fuente de división social? El feminismo en España with Marta Fraile, Alejandro Tirado and Paula Zuluaga. Agenda Pública, El País(2023)

¿Quién apoya la Ley Trans? with Alejandro Tirado, Marta Fraile and Paula Zuluaga. Piedras de Papel, (2023)

La clase feminista: el voto de las mujeres a los partidos socialdemocratas. Agenda Pública, El País (2021)